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Privacy Policy

This policy statement relates to personal data as defined by the Data Protection Act 1998, held in connection with the operation of Moodle.

The policy explains what information is held about individual people by the Moodle system, how it is gathered and how it is used. Details of the data held or logged are given in the appropriate section below. This information is used to help support Moodle users, for system administration and bug tracking, and for producing usage statistics for management and planning purposes.

Access to Moodle logs is restricted to authorised staff at EPQ Support, with the exception of course-specific tracking data which is also made accessible to course maintainers (school EPQ co-ordinators) where an appropriate course-specific privacy policy is in place.

These logs are currently held for 12 months, but EPQ Support does not guarantee to retain the information.

Logs are used to create summary statistics which may be made publicly available. Summary statistics do not include personal data.

Personal information is not passed to any third data except where required by law.

Moodle data is backed up at a facility managed by Amazon Web Services. The backups are held for the purpose of reinstatement of the data.

Data held by the Moodle system

Data Protection Act

EPQ Support are registered with the Infomartion Commisioner's Office with regards to the Data Protection Act.

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