Online Form Completion

The EPQ qualification has a lengthy production log document that needs to be completed by the student and supervisor throughout the year.

Having run this as a paper process at a large centre we identified a range of problems for students, supervisors and the centre co-ordinator. We therefore developed a system of online forms that allows a student to complete the production log in a streamlined manner with the supervisor having access anytime to view and comment upon.

Our service has the following features designed to make the completion and management of the production logs an easier task:

  • Production Log split into separate forms
  • Forms can be edited by students and supervisors with some forms only editable by the supervisor
  • When a form is complete it is marked as such and become non-editable by the student
  • Completed forms can be output as a PDF file for printing and storing

To support the completion of the production log we also provide access to:

  • A messaging system so that communication can occur between students and supervisors
  • A monitoring system so that you can see how students are progressing through their production log
  • A journal system so that each student can keep a record as to how their project progresses

When registered students, supervisors and centre-coordinators will have access to an area setup for them to discuss their project throughout the year. These forums will be monitored by our contributors who will also repsond to questions and give advice.

Designed to work on both desktop and mobile devices. The PDF exporting of the online forms will open up on the majority of devices and has no need for any software to be installed.

To register interest and to find out further details.

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Online Forms

Complete the production log online.

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