About EPQ Support

An Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) is a research based qualification equivalent to an AS level. It is graded A* - E.

The extended project was devised by Sir Mike Tomlinson in 2006, during his review of 16 to 19 year olds' education. It is offered by EdExcel, OCR, AQA and CIE.

The students' choice of topic is free and can be related to their current course of study or future career. It takes the forms of either a dissertation or a created artefact.

Extended projects can help students to devlop a range of valuable skills through pursuing their interests and investigating topics in more depth. David MacKay (QCA)

EPQ Support is made up of a group of teachers who have successfully run the project qualification over the last three years. We have experience of operating the qualification at centres with a large number of students.

Martyn Colliver is the Director of EPQ Support and also the Director of e-learning at Warwick School.
Martin Hewitt is the centre co-ordinator for the EPQ at a large centre. He also teaches philosophy and is a WellBeing coach.

We are committed to creating a supportive community for centres, teachers and students as they work towards the EPQ. Once registered you will have access to our community areas which provide links to resources, a community support area and the facilty to contact us for help and support.

We have enlisted a group of contributors from a wide variety of centres who will be writing recources for us, running Q&A sessions and offering support throughout the year.

Having experienced the administration required to run the EPQ with a large number of entries we have developed a process that allows the project booklet to be managed online.

EPQ Support runs on a Moodle based system which has been modified to provide the features required for support this qualification.

We are hosted by Amazon on their AWS service which means that the dynamics of our system can be managed in real-time. There is the facility to bring up multiple web instances when traffic demands alongside the ability to carefully monitor our associated load balancers and databases.

Register your interest to find out more details over the coming weeks.

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