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A new academic year

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Another year has started and we have nearly 100 students at Warwick School making use of our online production log.

We are now into our third year of using the online production log and we continue to tweak how it works and add in new features.

The online production log has been tweaked to reflect the new design of the pages from AQA and we are further developing the features this this system provides. Some of the features that are now in place for the production log include:

  • Entry States for each page. A page starts off as DRAFT and when a student is happy with the page they change the entry state to SUBMITTED. This change of state sends a notification to the supervisor and then the supervisor can look at the form and either set it back to DRAFT or set to LOCKED with the student being notified.
  • Messaging. A quick and easy way to send messages to groups of students (we tend to group students to a supervisor)

The community section is continuing to be developed and we are determined to open this up to other schools this year. We see the opportunity to have a FREE community for centres doing EPQ to make use of as an important step to enhancing the delivery of EPQ qualifications. If you have any ideas as to resources and ideas for how a community section could help do feel free to contact us at

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