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New additions to online log book

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Edited by M Colliver, Tuesday, 30 September 2014, 9:57 AM

With over 100 students again using the 'online log book' we have developed the system further from the trial of last year.

There is now an easier system for each entry for the log to move through different 'entry states'. Currently we have defined three:

  • draft (this is when a student first enters details and continues to edit)
  • submitted (this is a student marking an entry as ready to be looked at by a supervisor)
  • locked (this is when a supervisor is happy with an entry and locks it so that a student can no longer edit and the entry is also time stamped)

At the top of each entry there is a clear indicator as to the current entry state:

A supervisor also has the option to add comments to an entry and change the entry state back to draft so that a student can continue to work on it.

Each entry state can have a 'notification event' attached to it and currently this means that a supervisor is notified each time a student changes the entry state to submitted. These notifications arrive both by email and also as a message once logged into

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