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Guardian article on 'Should students do an extended project qualification?'

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An interesting article has been posted over on the Guardian website written by a student who has completed their EPQ ( read article here ).

Whilst the article highlights some of the benefits of completing an EPQ it also highlights the need for students to consider carefully why they are looking towards this qualification. With a good focus and support completing an EPQ can be very rewarding and a good preparation for university (read the comments at the bottom of the article for some support of this view). However, as with any qualification, students can also be pushed towards it when perhaps it is not appropriate for them. 

At a centre, where we have been trialling our online form completion, it is clear that over the year that around 20% of the students who started out on the EPQ will not actually be entered for the qualification.

Perhaps some of it is a lack of support and students feeling slightly isolated (search twitter for EPQ and you might see students feeling stressed and lost). Whilst this is, in some ways, preparation for independent research we do feel that there is an opportunity to create a supportive environment which is one of the reasons for the creation of this site.

It is clear, from social media sites, that students are sometimes struggling with this qualification and also trying to get support (for example in terms of completing questionnaires / gathering information). If we could gather together collections of students taking the EPQ under one place perhaps they could begin to support each other and also gain support from a wider community of teachers and centres.

We are looking to offer a free place for students, teacher and centres to register with to gain access to support for the EPQ qualification - please contact us for further information.

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