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Updating our list of universities who offer support for EPQ

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Edited by M Colliver, Thursday, 20 March 2014, 11:40 AM

There is a group of universities who offer support to centres and students for the EPQ.

The support varies in form but can include:

  • workshops
  • visits to the university library
  • access to resources

We are compiling a list of universities known to us that provide support for the EPQ. We are hoping that centres will also put up comments and reviews of these offerings to help our community.

If you are a University which offers support for the EPQ do make contact with us and we will ensure that you are on the list. We are also looking to see if we can gather together research advice from current University students and staff to make available to our community.

This list is available in our community support area for staff (teachers, centre co-ordinators) which is FREE access once you are registered.

University support for the EPQ 


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