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100 students use online production log at Warwick School

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Over the academic year 2013-14 over 100 students have started out on their EPQ in the Lower 6th. At Warwick this is an optional part of the Lower 6th curriculum.

Over the year the students have used our online production log to complete their forms and this has also allowed us to fine tune how the service works.

At Warwick a supervisor is allocated to a group of students and our online service allows groups to be formed so that a supervisor only views their students. The centre co-ordinator can view all of the students but can also drill-down into the different groups to make working with a large amount of students easier.

As the year progressed we realised that a supervisor and the centre co-ordinator would like to see the progress made by students so this was added into the service. Currently the responsibility is on the student to tick off forms as completed but this could also be extended to the supervisor to also mark off the forms.

The final booklets can be formed as a PDF document so that they can be printed off or exported and saved.

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